To validate this warranty you must fill out the warranty registration form below. Port City Amplifiers are covered under a limited lifetime warranty. If you purchase or use any of our amplifiers outside the market they were intended for, use a step-up or step-down transformer or tamper with the amplifier in any way, your warranty will be immediately invalidated and all repairs (parts and labor) will be your responsibility. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty for United StatesNew Port City Amplifiers are lifetime warranted to the original purchaser against failure of parts/materials and workmanship if purchased directly or through an authorized dealer. No other warranty applies. Tubes, transformers and speakers are warranted for a period of sixty days. This warranty applies only if the amplifier has not been damaged by accident, misuse or as a result of repair or modification. Port City Amplification reserves the right to make any design changes without notice or obligation to incorporate these changes in products previously purchased.

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