Salem Boost


Salem Boost


The Salem Boost is a single JFET boost that is perfect for pushing tube amps into a higher level of overdrive, adding dynamics, or repairing signal loss from long cable runs. The Salem Boost is NOT an overdrive pedal. It’s a true bypass, variable +12 dB clean boost pedal. 


-Level control (+12 dB)

-Powered by -9V DC jack (no battery clip)

-Switchcraft input and output jacks

-3PDT true bypass switch

-1590G Enclosure Size

-Hand built in North Carolina


Note: Using a power supply with an output other than the recommended -9V DC could damage the Salem Boost and will void the warranty. 

The Salem Boost Owner's Manual can be found HERE.

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From the artist: "We used the Port City Salem Boost to add a transparent yet full-bodied clean signal boost to several applications in a section of one of our songs, Inoceramus. Fattening up a clean tone, adding some juiciness and additional character to a lead tone, and cranking a low gain amp sound into a more overdriven high gain territory. We found it incredibly simple and intuitive, but simultaneously flexible in operation with great feel and tone, as well as transparency without being lifeless and sterile."

-Grant & Scott (NOK NOVUM & Thinline Films)