Sahana Drive


Sahana Drive


The Port City Sahana Drive is adapted from an ever-popular overdrive circuit and tailored to our standards. It has a smoother drive section with a great low-mid presence, the tone control has a larger sweep, and it is noticeably more sensitive than other mid-gain overdrive pedals. This pedal works as well in front of a clean amp as it does pushing a mid to high gain amp. The distortion that the Sahana Drive delivers blooms and will add a new dimension to your current tone. It is a great mid-gain overdrive to add harmonic complexity to any setup. 

The Sahana Drive is the new version of our previously released Sahana Boost. 


-Volume, Tone, and Drive controls

-Powered by -9V DC jack (no battery clip)

-Switchcraft input and output jacks

-3PDT true bypass switch

-1590BB Enclosure Size

-Hand built in North Carolina


Note: Using a power supply with an output other than the recommended -9V DC could cause damage to the Sahana Drive and will void the warranty.

The Sahana Drive Owner's Manual can be found HERE.

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From the artist: "We used the Port City Sahana Drive pedal itself as inspiration to write a short piece from scratch. We found the pedal had a wide range of dynamics and we could explore with juicy low to mid gain leads and rhythm tones, all the way to heavy riffage."

-Grant & Scott (NOK NOVUM / Thinline Films)